30 MindFULL Days


According to the Jewish calendar (a Jewish calendar is lunar vs a solar calendar like the one the US and other countries use) tonight begins Elul  — the  30 day journey to Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). This is a very auspicious time for reflection and redirection.

Whether or not you are Jewish, I thought you might find the support of trying something new for 30 days, helpful. I know I do. Below is a link to a blog and video that was sent along by a wise and loving teacher.


Pondering what I was going to work on for 30 days, another wise and loving friend posted this thought provoking commencement speech given at Syracuse University, by George Saunders. It talks about Kindness.

Kindness has been a big topic with a girlfriend recently. Whether kind to others, or to our selves, it seems to be a characteristic that escapes us rather easily. We are all human and make mistakes. But what we do after we make them (apologize, accept apologies, “know better, do better, have empathy, beat ourselves up) is where the work begins…and ends.


I hope you will think about joining me. Of course you can pick whatever you need to work on. All I ask, is that you be kind to yourself and others, while you try.

What is the MindFULL trait you choose? Let us know?

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