MindFULL Meals

With the high price of food these days, how do you keep it all fresh so you can actually use what you have bought? Today’s cheerful and thoughtful guest, Michelle Fox, Culinary Nutrionist, gives you tips on how to keep your celery fresh, your carrots crisp and your arugula from wilting – and the tips have one thing in common, glass!

In addition to making sure you use glass for storing food (out with the plastic!), meal planning and what you fill your mind with is as important. Michelle is ALL about treating the WHOLE person and MindFULL(y) believes that “owning we are worthy of taking time to care for ourselves with meditation and a healthy mindset, builds the pillars of our well-being”.

Check out our MindFULL conversation here and be sure and read the shownotes for links to recipes and music suggestions for dancing your way to making new and healthy choices!

She Said – A Lawyer’s Movie Review and Insights

How often do you get to hear what a lawyer has to say about a movie involving our legal system and one of the most high profile films of the 2022 Holiday Season? In the beginning of December, I went to see the movie She Said about the Harvey Weinstein case with Leora Joseph. I met Leora at a wedding and one conversation led to another…

Why Leora? Well, Leora was Deputy Chief of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Bureau in the Boston (Suffolk County) District Attorney’s Office. Over 25 years of practicing law has brought her empathy and intelligence to difficult conversations with thousands of victims. She has supervised specialized units involving the most vulnerable victims – human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder abuse – and oversaw all the District Attorney’s special projects and community involvement in areas of intimate crimes.

Full disclosure – this is a long and complex conversation. It is also audibly challenging. Leora and I went to see the movie and then debriefed over a glass of wine in the lobby. When I listened back, I was so bummed to hear all of the music and background noise. I perseverated over it and then spent money on an Audio Engineer to fix it. When I got it back, it sounded worse to me, so I took the advice of Brene Brown and am being vulnerable in sharing the original audio. I think the conversation is way more important than being perfect. I hope it will fill your mind with new perspectives. Afterall, that’s the point of MindFULL conversations. You can listen here.

Turn Your Wine Glass Upside Down and Your Life Rightside Up

Being a professionally successful woman can have its pitfalls. Along with stress, there are deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy. This manifests in anxiety, fear, and shame. Drinking is a quick, easy, and [seemingly] harmless way to take the edge off. But it causes way more harm than it does good. 

Last Fall, my friend Lisa introduced me to Kay Allison. Kay is a powerhouse. She is dynamic in energy, thoughtfulness and looks. Her story blew me away and inspired me to learn more about her and about what it means to be Sober Curious. Once I learned the phrase, I started to notice how many people I was meeting who are Sober! When Kay came to visit, she brought me an advanced copy of her book, Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free). Stop The Drinking Spiral. Create Your Future. Juicy AF* (*Alcohol-Free) is a step-by-step guide to help address the unique issues that underlie women’s drinking. Kay’s insights, stories, and practical tools are helping women step out of their fear, anxiety, and shame and into their Juicy AF life to reach their full potential. I sat down, read the book and walked away with several things to think about. I’m still thinking!

Today, Kay is an author, entrepreneur, and innovator behind Juicy AF* (*Alcohol-Free), and in our MindFULL conversation she tells us how her life took off once she embarked on her alcohol-free journey, how her income multiplied by 600%, how she created multi-million dollar companies, and how she met the love of her life just by giving up drinking! Now she’s helping women step out of their fear and into their full potential. If you think you need to change your story or relationship to drinking, Kay is the person to help you.

You can hear our conversation here and check out Kay’s book here. May this MindFULL conversation fill your mind with something new and your glass with something unexpected.

Collage Stories in 2 & 3 dimensions

A few weeks ago I posted an episode on MindFULL conversations about Finding Pieces and Making Something Fun, an interactive Zoom class with Judith Cassel-Mamet that takes the bits and pieces of pictures, notes and trinkets you might have inherited, kept or found and shows you how to turn it into something that delights. I wanted to put it back out into the world, now that the month of January is here (the class is happening on Friday, January 27). And… I got a great and thoughtful email for the class that is loaded with helpful and easy instructions! I think Judith is the consumate teacher and I am eagerly collecting my own pics, notes and papers. Join Us! I always learn something new from Judith that makes my world better – and I suspect you will, too.

You can re-listen to the epsiode here. And check out this link to go straight to Judith’s website where you can sign up. I trust you will find all sorts of information and inspiration!

See you at class.

HeartFULL Gratitude

Robin Glickstein. January 13, 2020. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

I wanted to take this MindFULL Moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for listening to MindFULL conversations. What a year it has been and I could not have done this without you! You have given me good cheer and space to try and learn, and fail, and try again. My heart is so FULL. Thank you! I wish you all a few weeks of moments that lighten your hearts and fill your minds with words, music, books, stories and memories. We’ll be back in January to share what filled our minds and look forward to continuing our MindFULL conversations.

Listen to A MindFULL Musing of Gratitude here

xo, Robin

Getting Help with Aging Parents

When you’re 5, you think your Mom is gonna be your Mom just like this picture, for your whole life. And then, BOOM, you’re 60 and your Mom is no longer the age she was in the picture.

What do you do? How do you care ABOUT her and not FOR her. There’s a loving difference and that is what today’s MindFULL conversation with Maggie Miller is all about.

When your parents begin to age, you get a job you didn’t apply for and knowing how to navigate is where Maggie can help – she coaches adult children of aging parents. So check out our MindFULL conversation and get the help you can have, so you can be the best help to the ones you love.

You can find our conversation here. Then let us know what you learned! And make sure and check out Maggie’s website here so she can help you learn even more.

My Row of Ducks

So it has been with audio editing. I have been learning a new software, and it is a bit slow going for reasons beyond my control. Ahhh..beyond my control. Life lessons. Again.

As such, I’ve been doing the best I can and this week with MindFULL conversations, I am posting my last round of MindFULL Musings. Today’s episode is on favorite podcasts that hold thoughtful knowings for this week of gatherings. Tomorrow’s episode is on music and playlists to bring a new score to the background of the week. Wednesday is about a movie I saw a few Thanksgivings ago, called Joy, that still holds some allure. Thursday has Gentle Reminders for navigating life and Friday ends with a few thoughts on Courageous Conversations.

So, as you gather your ducks and put them in a row for the Holiday season, I hope you’ll find a MindFULL Musing that helps lighten your load.

Happy Holidays everyone.

You can find MindFULL conversations here. Please give a listen, and if you like what you hear, rate, review and share with a friend. Let’s mindfully fill each others’ minds!

MindFULL Musings – Week 2

Well, I made it through the first week of NaPodPoMo, National Podcasters Promotion Month’s November Challenge! Now, I’m on to the second! My challenge is 5 episodes per week for the month of November. That’s alot of episodes, so I have been thinking of ways to frame the challenge so I can stretch, and still reach. I came up with MindFULL Musings – they are mini episodes between 5-10 mins long.

This week’s MindFULL Musings riff off of full length MindFull conversations. I share a story I wrote about my hair for Nancy Sharp’s Guided Autobiography class (Nancy’s MindFULL conversation episode here), I ask Addie to clarify what the heck an NFT is (Addie’s MindFULL conversation episode here), I chat with a stranger I see every day in the park (Strangers on A Plane MindFULL conversation episode here), I get travel packing tips from my friend, Ricki (Inspired by What the Borscht? from Ukraine, my MindFULL conversation with John Yackus here) and I ponder Imposter Syndrome (Cause Mrs. Abramovitz, who is so who she wonderfully is, delighted me. Mrs. Abramovitz’s MindFULL conversation is here).

All episodes continue to challenge my podcasting skills. I am keeping with it though. For as THEY say, (I just heard THEY are a bunch of old Jewish men sitting around a Deli table in Brooklyn) “ya gotta spend an hour a day pursuing your goal”. OK, that’s really from Earl Nightengale. Nontheless, I am doing it.

And… Special Thanks to Judith Cassel-Mamet for teaching me the trick of “clicking here” to a link. Learn more about Judith’s work, here.

Thanks for listening! You can find all of my MindFULL conversations here.

MindFULL Musings all November

Remember the old joke where a tourist is walking in NYC and asks an old man, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” He answers, “Pratice. Practice. Practice.”

Well, that’s kind of how I feel when it comes to audio editing. It’s a challenge. So, for the last month, I’ve sat on the fence when the challenge to not only learn to edit, but to upload an episode EVERYDAY for the month of November was posed. The November challenge is called NAPODPOMO (National Podcast Promotion Month). I decided that every day was too much, but instead of uploading an epside 2x a month on MindFULL Mondays, I would stretch myself and set a goal of 5/week – 5 minutes of MindFULL Musings, covering a range of things that fill my mind.

Once again, I strive to learn another piece of editing software. I won’t go into my opinion here about how it’s going, but suffice to say, I’ve learned more than how to edit. Patience, Letting Go, Projection and zipping my lips. I am focusing on what I can do and trusting that it will get easier as the month rolls on.

So, please consider following me and listening. I’d love your feedback. I am learning. And as we all know, we learn better with practice – and with love. At least that is one of the things I’ve learned so far this month.

Here’s a link to Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mindfull-conversations/id1631695053?i=1000567706499

And here’s a general link if you listen on Spotify, Sticher or Google. You can also listen directly on this platform: https://mindfullconversations.buzzsprout.com

What are you MindFULLy practicing? How’s it going? Let us know!

Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time

Join us for Part 2 of MindFULL conversations with Rachel Kodanaz, author of Living with Loss One Day at a Time as we move along the spectrum to talk about Rachel’s second book, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time. In this episode, Rachel talks to us about being a family member charged with the responsibility of dealing with the possessions of a loved one who has passed, or helping folks right-size or down-size. With her can-do compassionate attitude, Rachel shares real world practical’ advice, instruction and insight. She helps us reframe cleaning to clearing, and actually leaves us with a MindFULL approach to a task we all face, with curiosity and peace.

You can find out more about Rachel and her work at www.rachelkodanaz.com

Listen to here! https://mindfullconversations.buzzsprout.com You can use this link to click through to Apple, Spotify or Stitcher.