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MindFULL Memorial Day

Today’s MindFULL Monday is also Memorial Day. I love Memorial Day. It’s a day to consciously remember people  – some have sacrificed for our country and others are simply wonderful people I have had the honor of meeting along the way. Thoughts of these folks float across my mind, as this long weekend has us… Continue reading MindFULL Memorial Day

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Crying Over Chicken Salad

Who are you? said the Caterpillar… “I-I hardly know, Sir, just at present,” Alice replied rather shyly, “at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think  I must have changed several times since then.” – Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Such leads the first chapter in the… Continue reading Crying Over Chicken Salad

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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I saw this post on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny, til my husband shared a story he heard on NPR about a man named Bernie. You have to read the interview below and then if you can find it, see the movie. Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction In Bernie I hear the… Continue reading Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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Pull Up a Chair!

Do you have kids heading off to college and need to furnish their dorm room? Know of someone setting up a new home or better yet, find yourself in need of a “Spring Spruce”? If so, how about MindFULLY seeing the chair in the corner of your family room in a new way or hitting… Continue reading Pull Up a Chair!