Strangers On A Plane

It is World Podcasting Day! I can’t believe that it is really a thing, but in the spirit of having come this far, I am sharing one of my favorite episodes on this special day.

Backstory: Sometimes I board a flight, pop my earbuds in, look out the window and hope the folks next to me take the hint. However, sometimes the Plane Angels gently lift my chin to smile. So imagine my delight when a few weeks ago, enroute to NYC, I sat next to Sandy and Tien. Who knew my spirit was about to lift as high as the plane.

I had also had another conversation with someone on a flight a few weeks earlier. I live by the philosophy when something happens twice, pay attention. Time to pay attention!

I hope you will tune in and give a listen. Tien is a very, very special man with something to say – and a spirit and attitude we could all be the better for hearing. You can find the episode, Strangers On A Plane here, and then link through to Apple podcasts, Sticher or Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Mothers, Daughters and NFTS, Oh My…

Much has been written about Mothers and Daughters. It’s a relationship that can go all sorts of ways. Lucky for me, I have a daughter, Adina (aka Addie) and the way its’ gone, has been better than I could have imagined. I was scared to have a girl. Afterall, I am still apologizing to my own mother for some teen/young adult behavior. I expected payback. Instead, I got a kid who got me. She is wicked bright, resourceful, funny, emotionally intelligent and great company.

Growing up, Adina’s interests varied and as she grew, so grew new ideas and perspectives. Today, as a young adult, she lives in another country and is following her current interest: the juxtoposition of art and technology. There is a lot out there these days on cryptocurrency, NFTS and blockchain. Opinions and ideas are as varied as the artists and art that create how art fits into our current understanding.

But who even knows what any of this means? In this week’s episode of MindFULL conversations, join me as Addie and I talk about NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Hear her patiently explain what this new language means. Then laugh along as we digress into banter. That’s how it goes with us. From the serious to the sublime – it’s what makes the Mother Daughter relationship so special. No one gets us like we get each other.

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