MindFULL Monday

We returned last night from two fabulous weeks in Spain (Barcelona, Marbella, Madrid). I collected many MindFULL thoughts to share, but at this moment, I am so jet lagged, I can’t think of more than how to make my American coffee and how good it tastes.

However, I am determined to kick my jetlag by re-entering routines and posting on MindFULL Monday is one of them. My last two posts were written and programmed to post while I was away. I forgot this one. So, in the spirit of follow through, I wanted to share a MindFULL Moment.

One of the things I thought about while away was how grateful I was to be able to change our scene. For me, with changed scenery comes change in perspective. I observe new people (their attitudes, clothes, taste), I take in new ideas from my surroundings, I touch places that have come before me and remember that my time here is limited and that i need to make the most of it.

Change in perspective is one of my favorite experiences. It makes my MindFULL Moments that much richer in emotional, physical and spiritual texture.

It was intense before we left. We got mired in the saying good bye to a small, cloistered school that my daughter attended for 10 years. It  brought up ALOT of feelings. It seems silly now, but it was terribly real then. Heading out of our world to a new a country, gave us some perspective. Everyone seems to feel lighter and more hopeful about the future. Worth every mile.

Another way I have found to change my perspective is in the collection of graduation speeches given around this time of year. I offer the link to the speech given by David McCullough Jr., the English Teacher (and son of famed historian David McCullough) at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts. You may have already seen or heard about it?


No matter your reaction, I think it offers another MindFULL perspective. What do you think?

How do you MindFULLY change YOUR perspective? Let us know!




MindFULLY Motivated

Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn’t quite get your mojo going and then, something catches your eye and you are off and “running”?

Well, I have talked of “wanting” to run forever. And yet my pace around the park has remained at a steady walk. Until yesterday.

As I was picnicking on the park bench with my daughter, this young lady ran by.

She was in great shape and had we not looked below her waist and seen the glimmering silver post and slipper, we’d have never known that she had a prosthetic leg. It was beyond inspiring.

So, When I got home, I pulled out an old list of running songs to load on my iPod and decided that today would be the first day of my lap around the park.

I know I recently shared a post on songs, but here is one more list for you to load:

Better Off Alone   Alice Deejay

Dogs Says Are Over   Florence & The Machine

Hung Up   Madonna

I Run For Life  Melissa Ethridge

One More Time    Deft Punk

The Rising  Bruce Springsteen

Rolling In The Deep  Adele

Gotta run and lace up my sneakers. The siren of inspiration is calling!

What have you MindFULLY been meaning to do? Let us know!

50 Ways To Remember

Ya know the old adage, “When you hear something twice, pay attention”? Well, recently, from two different sources, I was encouraged  to write 50 things I like about myself or am good at or that I’ve done well in my life and read it each day for 50 days (yes, 50 has a significance, wink -wink).

It’s not easy!

And yet, we could easily do it for a friend.

I decided to give it a try. And I have to say, that on days when the clouds blow in and everyone else seems to have it together so much better than I do, I pull it out and remind myself of so many good things I forget to remember.

So, I pass on to you, the same assignment. Give yourself a summer reading list that is sure to top the charts.

After all, you are a Bestseller.

What’s the one thing you are MindFULLY glad you got to write down?

Let us know!

Life and Summer’s MindFULL Music

If there was a song that summed up who you are, or reflected where you are at this point in time, what would it be?

The song for my life thus far would be Carol King’s Tapestry.

I was inspired to think about this after watching my daughter use music to reflect on her 10 years of learning in school thus far. Called a Portfolio Defense, the kids show their work and talk about what they’ve gained, academically and personally.

She set her Defense to a musical soundtrack, and the overarching song was Green Day’s Good Riddance – Time of Your Life (the title makes the song sound negative, but it isn’t. It’s actually very sweet). She chose a different song to reflect each year. Then, when she graduated, the teacher who spoke of her used the same theme and dug deeper into the lyrics from her Life Tracks. He talked of who she was, what she contributed and how music reflected her life and love. It was touching.

That’s what music does. It touches our memory, stirs our present and creates a backdrop of something greater than we are.

I try and make a cd of new music for every season. I look to friends, movies, magazine lists and iTune trials for inspiration. In the March issue of Vanity Fair (www.vanityfair.com)  they list several movies and songs from their soundtracks. I thought I’d share a few that sounded good to me:

New York New York   Carey Mulligan

My Week With Marilyn Soundtrack

Memories Are Made of This   Dean Martin

We Bought  A Zoo Soundtrack

The Help Soundtrack

Pusher Man   Curtis Mayfield

Check out the issue. There are so many more they list. Maybe you’ll find something that you speaks to you. Then turn up the volume on your life and Let The Good Times Roll!

What songs will you compile to set a MindFULL Summer playlist? Let us know!