50 Ways To Remember

Ya know the old adage, “When you hear something twice, pay attention”? Well, recently, from two different sources, I was encouraged  to write 50 things I like about myself or am good at or that I’ve done well in my life and read it each day for 50 days (yes, 50 has a significance, wink -wink).

It’s not easy!

And yet, we could easily do it for a friend.

I decided to give it a try. And I have to say, that on days when the clouds blow in and everyone else seems to have it together so much better than I do, I pull it out and remind myself of so many good things I forget to remember.

So, I pass on to you, the same assignment. Give yourself a summer reading list that is sure to top the charts.

After all, you are a Bestseller.

What’s the one thing you are MindFULLY glad you got to write down?

Let us know!

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