MindFULLY Motivated

Have you ever wanted to do something but couldn’t quite get your mojo going and then, something catches your eye and you are off and “running”?

Well, I have talked of “wanting” to run forever. And yet my pace around the park has remained at a steady walk. Until yesterday.

As I was picnicking on the park bench with my daughter, this young lady ran by.

She was in great shape and had we not looked below her waist and seen the glimmering silver post and slipper, we’d have never known that she had a prosthetic leg. It was beyond inspiring.

So, When I got home, I pulled out an old list of running songs to load on my iPod and decided that today would be the first day of my lap around the park.

I know I recently shared a post on songs, but here is one more list for you to load:

Better Off Alone   Alice Deejay

Dogs Says Are Over   Florence & The Machine

Hung Up   Madonna

I Run For Life  Melissa Ethridge

One More Time    Deft Punk

The Rising  Bruce Springsteen

Rolling In The Deep  Adele

Gotta run and lace up my sneakers. The siren of inspiration is calling!

What have you MindFULLY been meaning to do? Let us know!

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