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Clean as the Newly Fallen Snow

A new conversation has crept up this holiday season. It’s not about the hottest gift, nor the easiest appetizer recipe. It’s the chat about getting ready for guests and then cleaning up when they leave. With so much to do and so little time, it is easy to cut corners and hope no one notices… Continue reading Clean as the Newly Fallen Snow

Conversations with Girlfriends, Musings and Insights

The Cut of Courage

When I was a tween, I would save my paper route/babysitting money and ride my bike to the Village Salon, where all the fancy ladies got their hair cut. Then, I’d treat myself to a slice of pizza. I am, afterall, a (double) Leo. It's all about the mane. I still have the same routine.… Continue reading The Cut of Courage

Musings and Insights


It is literally 8 degrees today.  I am wearing a sweatshirt, tshirt, sweatpants and wool socks. Not lookin’ so good, but feeling beautiful on the inside. OK...that's a stretch. However, I have decided to try and embrace my inner beauty, as they say, and succumb to the season. I seek to revel in the days… Continue reading Hallelujah