MindFULL Color

A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting to paint my bathroom. I’m prone to changing color. I liked the green at first, but it never really sat well with me. However, repainting the room felt daunting. Remembering the lesson my daughter and I had learned – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time – gave me the courage to look at the job as “one stroke at a time.”


Slowly, but surely, it came together. At first the blue was off, but a quick trip back to the paint store and a little adjustment gave me just the shade I wanted. I love it! When I am in there, or even walking by, my energy changes. What is that about? Do you think that color effects how we feel?


According to Psychology 101 color can certainly affect our moods. Check out their article for a simple read on how your favorite color may be affecting yours.


What color do you Mind FULLY gravitate towards? And have you changed a color in your home to change your mood? Let us know!


Color Me Crazy

G-d bless my girlfriends. Not one of them shamed me as I spent the last month perseverating over what color yellow to paint the family room/kitchen. Wars rage, sickness ravages and our government stumbles. Try as I do to keep perspective and balance, I could not move off of “what color yellow?” We’d go into restaurants, I’d ask  what the color was  (champagne gold). Jill sent me her neighbor’s yellow (straw). Dad and Pam shared theirs (dorset gold). Still, nothing.

But on Friday, it all came together. Isn’t that the way life works? You change one thing or try one more time and whatever you are struggling with comes clear.

It was a big week at the house. Picking paint colors is excruciating for me. Color is visceral. I feel it. People say it doesn’t matter, you won’t notice once art is up. But that’s not how I work. I see it, I feel it. I go through color phases. This one is yellow. In our last  house we went from green, to orange and ended with blue. My friends shake their heads and color me crazy.

And I can’t hire someone to pick ’em. That I’ve learned along the way. I have some wonderful women in my life who are terrific decorators. At different points, I have tapped their expertise, but in the end, for a variety of reasons, I have to do it myself (with Ken, of course). I know what I like. I get why they make the big bucks. It is a lot of time and work. Frankly, I couldn’t afford myself.

On Thursday they started to paint the outside and the Grey was wrong (and I had “bought” that color from an ” exterior paint expert”). My stomach turned. Panic set in. I couldn’t afford, literally, to make a mistake. But, as she often does, Colette (www.handygirlfriend.com) showed up for a walk at just the right time and pulled the paint deck from her trunk. There, in City Park, she suggested a new Grey. The next day, Matt painted a sample of her choice and the breath returned to my body. Ken and Chris agreed. We were back on track!

THAT’S what friends are for.

Taupe, check. Yellow, check. Grey check. We still have to pick a color for my daughter’s room and then all we can do is cover our eyes and hope that when Chris yells, “move that dumpster!”, we are as happy as the folks on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Our job is not that extreme. But it is extreme enough.

How do you MindFULLY make choices about creating your home? Let us know!