Steve Saunders For City Council!

Today’s MindFULL Monday post has a local Denver angle. Sorry dear readers of other cities. It is just too good not to share – our friend, Steve Saunders, is running for City Council! For more than two decades, we welcomed Steve into our living room as an award winning TV news anchor and reporter.  As… Continue reading Steve Saunders For City Council!


MeaningFULL Monday

Instead of the usual MindFULL Monday, could we find a way to make today MeaningFULL Monday? I ask, because you know that feeling when you want to do something really meaningFULL and you realize it is going to take money and time and you aren’t sure how you will find either? How about when you… Continue reading MeaningFULL Monday

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Game On

While I usually post on Mondays (check in tomorrow for how you can make a difference this week), I had to pop this off to you today. Last week, I wrote about re-purposing clothes (and life). I figured with all  the football games on today, some of you may be looking for something to do… Continue reading Game On

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To The Right, To The Right

How many New Years’ Resolutions did you make this year? How many revolve around money, fitness, how you look and feel? What if you could touch on making these intentions come to be with one simple action – would you try it? I did. Last week, I cleaned out my closet and got real about… Continue reading To The Right, To The Right

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Care-FULLY Considered

My friend, Sabina, sent this to me, years ago. I  saved it and came across it last night. I was up reflecting on the past year and pondering my longings  to come. The questions below  were part of  the philosophy held by Charles Schultz, the creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip. You don't have to… Continue reading Care-FULLY Considered