WOW Factor from 74 Harley Street

When was the last time you flipped through your jewelry box and wished you had that one fun piece to wear, but all you had were bits and pieces of this and that?

Last month, when I was in Kansas City, our cousins were wearing fabulous necklaces; pieces made of sparkly beads, pearls and fun baubles. Paired with t-shirts and jeans, these ladies looked so spirited! Where had they gotten such statement pieces?

Turns out, that one of them, the wildly creative and talented Susan Mayer, was making jewelry out of vintage pieces she was finding and that women were sending to her. Brooches, old necklaces, you name it. Pieces that somehow how had been collected or handed down, but never quite worked in today’s world. Susan was taking these pieces and creating hip and elegant one of kind necklaces and bracelets. I loved what she had on so much that as soon I returned to Denver, I sent her a brooch that had taken up space in my jewelry box for years. I don’t think I had ever worn it.

Within weeks, she sent it back to me. I love it! She created a necklace made of out of dimpled pearls and attached my brooch — designing the piece so that I could add and subtract other brooches. How clever she is. I wore it to a luncheon last week with a simple grey dress and then over the weekend with a white t-shirt and jeans. I had such attitude!


Take a look in your jewelry box. I’ll bet there is something in there that could be recreated into something you would wear and treasure. Take a picture of it and send it to Susan. Check out her website and then get digging through your stuff. You’ll be sporting a “WoW” piece in no time.

What MindFULL piece did you find for Susan to re-create? Send us a picture and let us know!





MindFULL Color

A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting to paint my bathroom. I’m prone to changing color. I liked the green at first, but it never really sat well with me. However, repainting the room felt daunting. Remembering the lesson my daughter and I had learned – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time – gave me the courage to look at the job as “one stroke at a time.”


Slowly, but surely, it came together. At first the blue was off, but a quick trip back to the paint store and a little adjustment gave me just the shade I wanted. I love it! When I am in there, or even walking by, my energy changes. What is that about? Do you think that color effects how we feel?


According to Psychology 101 color can certainly affect our moods. Check out their article for a simple read on how your favorite color may be affecting yours.

What color do you Mind FULLY gravitate towards? And have you changed a color in your home to change your mood? Let us know!