The Mind Behind

My name is Robin, but my family calls me Binky. Binky is the light, creative and fluid side; Robin is the organized and logical side. During the last few years, I’ve been integrating Binky and Robin to deliver whole brain, creative strategy and everyday insights, both personally and professionally. I could spend my days reading and going the movies (great source for design ideas and new music). However, until I win the lottery, I have to make a living.

Years ago, my insightful girlfriend, Rena Tobey, said,  “It’s not about finding a job, it’s about finding creative ways to generate revenue. Her wisdom helped me think in new ways about what it meant to work and make money!

Since then, I’ve seen myself as a 3 legged table painted in orange, red and yellow – with a  black and white checked table top. Each leg represents a different part of me, Educator/ Marketer, Creative Spirit and Woman, and all three have become part of the life I seek to create.

The Educator/Marketer…

For the past 25 years, I have found creative ways to work in public relations, marketing/sales promotion and market research.  I have brought my creative spirit to bear on consumer products, press releases, event décor, company promotions and non-profit initiatives.

Regardless of what side of the table I am on, I often feel it is my job to be an Educator. Whether it’s downloading a client’s objectives to the creative team, writing a press release for the public or hearing the needs of my fellow colleagues, I seek to help us learn and grow! This love of learning, and how we process information, led me to a Masters in Technology in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I believe that background has helped me become a strong market researcher and creative partner.

Since 1996, I have had the honor of working with Randi Cohen, Ph.D. at Beetrix Research and Consulting, llc. As an in-depth research facilitator on Randi’s team, I worked on projects that include buying process and consumer insight studies. We thoughtfully navigated sensitive conversations across domains. From financial services (banking and investments) to pain relief; from health care studies to state- wide initiatives; from cables services to shoes, Beetrix has helped numerous companies gain profound understanding about their consumer’s thoughts and feelings. Check out Be prepared to get excited about what you can learn!

I also spent 11 years moderating countless focus groups for the Bass Pro Shops and traveled the country talking with hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. We always gained some insight or story from this outspoken  consumer segment that culminated in actionable and tangible results, in store and online. Oh, the stories! While those days are now over, the lessons learned live on. As do the Clients who have grown into friends.

In addition to market research, my passion for Ideation has brought several creative collaboratives for clients seeking support with positioning, naming and product development. I love to ideate, problem-solve and find new ways of looking at everyday paradigms.

I’m honored to have sat on the Board of the Mizel Arts and Cultural Center at the Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center, and am a past Board Member of Smart-Girl ( and the Rose Women’s Organization (

No matter where I have worked, or how I have volunteered, it’s been all about what we can do when we share our ideas!

The Creative Spirit…

As a serial innovator, I am like a dog with a squirrel. I see possibilty everywhere, which leads to new ideas and constant projects in progress…

Currently, I am moving to NEXT as the Host of the podcast MindFULL conversations and as a Voice Over Talent at RobinGlicksteinVoices. It’s been a whirlwind and it is all very exciting! I have a voice booth in my basement where I can record, edit and provide a Client with anything they need, and I host my podcast from my newly designed Study. Whether it’s commercial, corporate narration, e-learning, non-profit videos or an audiobook, I can be your voice! Check out my website and let’s get voicing your creative endeavors!

When I’m not building my own ideas, you will find me applying my passion and skills to brainstorming new products, innovative marketing messages and creative strategies with friends and clients.

The Woman…

Hear me roar! I’ve been  married for over 30+ years, made 7 moves around the country,  and am blessed with an amazing, talented and wildly creative daughter, Adina. Her spirit leads me to new ideas and to see the world in new ways. Proud and grateful.

They say, “Do what you love and the money will follow“…

If you’re looking for a Voice Over Talent, creative thinking partner or market research consultant, please contact me at

If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can. After all, that’s the point of The MindFULL Creative!