She Said – A Lawyer’s Movie Review and Insights

How often do you get to hear what a lawyer has to say about a movie involving our legal system and one of the most high profile films of the 2022 Holiday Season? In the beginning of December, I went to see the movie She Said about the Harvey Weinstein case with Leora Joseph. I met Leora at a wedding and one conversation led to another…

Why Leora? Well, Leora was Deputy Chief of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Bureau in the Boston (Suffolk County) District Attorney’s Office. Over 25 years of practicing law has brought her empathy and intelligence to difficult conversations with thousands of victims. She has supervised specialized units involving the most vulnerable victims – human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder abuse – and oversaw all the District Attorney’s special projects and community involvement in areas of intimate crimes.

Full disclosure – this is a long and complex conversation. It is also audibly challenging. Leora and I went to see the movie and then debriefed over a glass of wine in the lobby. When I listened back, I was so bummed to hear all of the music and background noise. I perseverated over it and then spent money on an Audio Engineer to fix it. When I got it back, it sounded worse to me, so I took the advice of Brene Brown and am being vulnerable in sharing the original audio. I think the conversation is way more important than being perfect. I hope it will fill your mind with new perspectives. Afterall, that’s the point of MindFULL conversations. You can listen here.