My Row of Ducks

So it has been with audio editing. I have been learning a new software, and it is a bit slow going for reasons beyond my control. Ahhh..beyond my control. Life lessons. Again.

As such, I’ve been doing the best I can and this week with MindFULL conversations, I am posting my last round of MindFULL Musings. Today’s episode is on favorite podcasts that hold thoughtful knowings for this week of gatherings. Tomorrow’s episode is on music and playlists to bring a new score to the background of the week. Wednesday is about a movie I saw a few Thanksgivings ago, called Joy, that still holds some allure. Thursday has Gentle Reminders for navigating life and Friday ends with a few thoughts on Courageous Conversations.

So, as you gather your ducks and put them in a row for the Holiday season, I hope you’ll find a MindFULL Musing that helps lighten your load.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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MindFULL Musings – Week 2

Well, I made it through the first week of NaPodPoMo, National Podcasters Promotion Month’s November Challenge! Now, I’m on to the second! My challenge is 5 episodes per week for the month of November. That’s alot of episodes, so I have been thinking of ways to frame the challenge so I can stretch, and still reach. I came up with MindFULL Musings – they are mini episodes between 5-10 mins long.

This week’s MindFULL Musings riff off of full length MindFull conversations. I share a story I wrote about my hair for Nancy Sharp’s Guided Autobiography class (Nancy’s MindFULL conversation episode here), I ask Addie to clarify what the heck an NFT is (Addie’s MindFULL conversation episode here), I chat with a stranger I see every day in the park (Strangers on A Plane MindFULL conversation episode here), I get travel packing tips from my friend, Ricki (Inspired by What the Borscht? from Ukraine, my MindFULL conversation with John Yackus here) and I ponder Imposter Syndrome (Cause Mrs. Abramovitz, who is so who she wonderfully is, delighted me. Mrs. Abramovitz’s MindFULL conversation is here).

All episodes continue to challenge my podcasting skills. I am keeping with it though. For as THEY say, (I just heard THEY are a bunch of old Jewish men sitting around a Deli table in Brooklyn) “ya gotta spend an hour a day pursuing your goal”. OK, that’s really from Earl Nightengale. Nontheless, I am doing it.

And… Special Thanks to Judith Cassel-Mamet for teaching me the trick of “clicking here” to a link. Learn more about Judith’s work, here.

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MindFULL Musings all November

Remember the old joke where a tourist is walking in NYC and asks an old man, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” He answers, “Pratice. Practice. Practice.”

Well, that’s kind of how I feel when it comes to audio editing. It’s a challenge. So, for the last month, I’ve sat on the fence when the challenge to not only learn to edit, but to upload an episode EVERYDAY for the month of November was posed. The November challenge is called NAPODPOMO (National Podcast Promotion Month). I decided that every day was too much, but instead of uploading an epside 2x a month on MindFULL Mondays, I would stretch myself and set a goal of 5/week – 5 minutes of MindFULL Musings, covering a range of things that fill my mind.

Once again, I strive to learn another piece of editing software. I won’t go into my opinion here about how it’s going, but suffice to say, I’ve learned more than how to edit. Patience, Letting Go, Projection and zipping my lips. I am focusing on what I can do and trusting that it will get easier as the month rolls on.

So, please consider following me and listening. I’d love your feedback. I am learning. And as we all know, we learn better with practice – and with love. At least that is one of the things I’ve learned so far this month.

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What are you MindFULLy practicing? How’s it going? Let us know!

Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time

Join us for Part 2 of MindFULL conversations with Rachel Kodanaz, author of Living with Loss One Day at a Time as we move along the spectrum to talk about Rachel’s second book, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time. In this episode, Rachel talks to us about being a family member charged with the responsibility of dealing with the possessions of a loved one who has passed, or helping folks right-size or down-size. With her can-do compassionate attitude, Rachel shares real world practical’ advice, instruction and insight. She helps us reframe cleaning to clearing, and actually leaves us with a MindFULL approach to a task we all face, with curiosity and peace.

You can find out more about Rachel and her work at

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Living With Loss

At some point, all of us are touched by loss. There is no escaping it, but there is help dealing with it. So says my wise friend, Rachel Kodanaz.

Overcoming her own adversity of being widowed at 31 years old with a 2-year-old daughter, Rachel shares her down to earth, insightful, and practical advice for living with loss. As a motivational speaker, author, grief consultant, and facilitator, Rachel tells us what can be helpful.

Rachel has SO much to say that this MindFULL conversation is a two-parter! This week, Rachel talks about living with loss, based on her book, Living With Loss, One Day At A Time. In the second episode (coming Oct 24th), Rachel will talk about Finding Peace, One Piece At A Time and how we can honor the objects that are important and cleanse what may no longer serve.

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You can also check out Rachel and her work at

Strangers On A Plane

It is World Podcasting Day! I can’t believe that it is really a thing, but in the spirit of having come this far, I am sharing one of my favorite episodes on this special day.

Backstory: Sometimes I board a flight, pop my earbuds in, look out the window and hope the folks next to me take the hint. However, sometimes the Plane Angels gently lift my chin to smile. So imagine my delight when a few weeks ago, enroute to NYC, I sat next to Sandy and Tien. Who knew my spirit was about to lift as high as the plane.

I had also had another conversation with someone on a flight a few weeks earlier. I live by the philosophy when something happens twice, pay attention. Time to pay attention!

I hope you will tune in and give a listen. Tien is a very, very special man with something to say – and a spirit and attitude we could all be the better for hearing. You can find the episode, Strangers On A Plane here, and then link through to Apple podcasts, Sticher or Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Mothers, Daughters and NFTS, Oh My…

Much has been written about Mothers and Daughters. It’s a relationship that can go all sorts of ways. Lucky for me, I have a daughter, Adina (aka Addie) and the way its’ gone, has been better than I could have imagined. I was scared to have a girl. Afterall, I am still apologizing to my own mother for some teen/young adult behavior. I expected payback. Instead, I got a kid who got me. She is wicked bright, resourceful, funny, emotionally intelligent and great company.

Growing up, Adina’s interests varied and as she grew, so grew new ideas and perspectives. Today, as a young adult, she lives in another country and is following her current interest: the juxtoposition of art and technology. There is a lot out there these days on cryptocurrency, NFTS and blockchain. Opinions and ideas are as varied as the artists and art that create how art fits into our current understanding.

But who even knows what any of this means? In this week’s episode of MindFULL conversations, join me as Addie and I talk about NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Hear her patiently explain what this new language means. Then laugh along as we digress into banter. That’s how it goes with us. From the serious to the sublime – it’s what makes the Mother Daughter relationship so special. No one gets us like we get each other.

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Inclusivity, Diversity and Self-Publishing

When we were in Berlin last month visiting our daughter, we were invited to dinner by a wonderful group of folks from Israel. The guys happen to do business with my husband and are smart, capable men with smart, capable partners! My shoulders softened and my heart filled knowing they are there for my daughter and our family should we need anything. Trust me when I say, when your child lives so far away, these are the folks you want to be able to call!

At dinner that night, I was lucky enough (is it really luck or divine intervention?) to sit next to Sarah Cordivano. Sarah works as a Head of strategy and governance in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Berlin. She’s originally from Philadelphia and moved to Berlin 6 years ago. Her background is in data analytics and project management and she told me about the book she has just written: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How to Succeed at an Impossible Job. The book is aimed towards anyone who is starting a job in DEI and wants to know how to get started, how to set a strategy and how to maintain a healthy relationship with the job. It’s very practical and hands-on. I loved her story and asked her to join me for an episode of MindFULL conversations. We talked about her book and her journey in writing it!

You can find our MindFULL conversation where you get your podcasts, on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Sticher or Google. Or click here

Even if her work isn’t your bag, maybe you’ve thought about writing a book. Listen to Sarah for ideas on how you can write one, too!

What The Borscht?

Last week I got a text and picture from my friend, John. It was the photo of 3 women and 3 guys, all standing by a food tent. My curiosty was piqued. Where were they? And who were those women?

Turns out, John, a retired United pilot, talked his retired pilot buddies into putting their time where their mouths are and going to the Ukraine to help feed refugees. Listen into this week’s MindFULL conversation as John phones it in from the World Central Kitchen food tent on the border of Poland and Ukraine.

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And learn who the women are…

MindFULL conversations

What do you do when you are prone to micro conversations with people on planes, in lines and in yards as you walk by? What if you spent 25+ years having conversations with people about finance, health care, outdoor sporting gear, shoes, popcorn, insurance and window film? What about the books you read, the podcasts you listen to and ideas friends share that shift your perspective? You write this blog for 7 years and then you grow it into a PODCAST! 

For years, many of you met me here each week on MindFULL Monday. Thank you! Now, as things change in my life, in the world and with the work that brought me face to face with so many, it’s time for me to change the way I spend time, and the folks I spend it with. As such, I am proud to announce that I am embarking on my own Second Arc (listen to Episode 2 – From Strength to Strength – about the book that inspired this change, From Strength to Strength by Harvard Professor of Happiness,  Arthur Brooks) and learning the world of Voice Over Acting and Podcasting!

A few years ago, Ken and I built a sound booth in our basement. I set to work taking classes, getting coached, immersing myself in learning editing software and practicing. Then, I got a few breaks: A fundraising video VO gig, an audiobook opportunity (post to come, but check out Episode 4  – Love, Loss and Bold Living with Nancy Sharp) and another Tribute video. Next thing I knew, I was in a podcasting group and the idea to elevate the ideas and creative sharings from this beloved blog was born. My hope is that perhaps we can grow this into a community that shares ideas, where maybe I can even interview YOU and share what you are up to, so that together we can continue to be the better for time spent (my favorite success test).

Below is my Trailer – click on the > button in the bottom right-hand corner to hear it! And I am excited to have 3 other episodes on most platforms you listen to your podcasts on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google and Stitcher! Please subscribe, rate and leave a review, if you can! Here is my LinkTree for quick access: . You can follow me on Instagram and of course, here on The MindFULL Creative. I will try and post a little something each time I have a new episode to share. For now, 4 are up and you can hear them all. Then it will be MindFULL Mondays again in a few weeks! I hope you’ll tune in and find something that gives you a new perspective. Just like having a conversation with that friend you love.

Thank you for your support and good cheer!!