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MindFULL Day Ways

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Sage words from an old boss, stranger on a plane and coincidentally (or is it?), "Dr. Bob". Robert Mauer, Ph.D. aka "Dr. Bob", is a wonderful psychologist I met at a friend’s work event 25 years ago in Chicago. Meeting him changed our lives… Continue reading MindFULL Day Ways

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Hearing Ourselves In A Whole New Way

For some kooky reason, yesterday’s post did not get out to those of you who subscribe. It posted as an RSS feed, but no direct email. Ironic, given the post was about mistakes and learning as I go! Seems to me, this is a learning moment. While today is Tuesday, and not MindFULL Monday,  I… Continue reading Hearing Ourselves In A Whole New Way