It Only Takes One

How many times have you tried something and been met with No? Or even worse for me, crickets. I need to hear back – and often I don’t. I have had to learn to be OK with that inside myself. To turn down the volume of Whys.

So, too, did my guest, Howard Waldstricher, who made a huge career change at 59. He started as a computer programmer when he graduated college. Then life happened and he ended up becoming a personal trainer and gym owner. Then Covid happened, and he dusted off his old skills, added new ones and tuned into one of his Mother’s favorite sayings, “It only takes one”. Such advice kept him going as he applied and applied and applied to jobs. And then, he hit the mother-lode (to some people) – a job at Facebook.

And then, mic drop. After only 18 months, he got swept up in the mass layoff. Listen in as Howard shares his story about the life lessons he brought to the job and the new skills he integrated with his old skills for a new story.

You can listen to my MindFULL conversation with Howard here.