What The Borscht?

Last week I got a text and picture from my friend, John. It was the photo of 3 women and 3 guys, all standing by a food tent. My curiosty was piqued. Where were they? And who were those women?

Turns out, John, a retired United pilot, talked his retired pilot buddies into putting their time where their mouths are and going to the Ukraine to help feed refugees. Listen into this week’s MindFULL conversation as John phones it in from the World Central Kitchen food tent on the border of Poland and Ukraine.

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And learn who the women are…

MindFULL conversations

What do you do when you are prone to micro conversations with people on planes, in lines and in yards as you walk by? What if you spent 25+ years having conversations with people about finance, health care, outdoor sporting gear, shoes, popcorn, insurance and window film? What about the books you read, the podcasts you listen to and ideas friends share that shift your perspective? You write this blog for 7 years and then you grow it into a PODCAST! 

For years, many of you met me here each week on MindFULL Monday. Thank you! Now, as things change in my life, in the world and with the work that brought me face to face with so many, it’s time for me to change the way I spend time, and the folks I spend it with. As such, I am proud to announce that I am embarking on my own Second Arc (listen to Episode 2 – From Strength to Strength – about the book that inspired this change, From Strength to Strength by Harvard Professor of Happiness,  Arthur Brooks) and learning the world of Voice Over Acting and Podcasting!

A few years ago, Ken and I built a sound booth in our basement. I set to work taking classes, getting coached, immersing myself in learning editing software and practicing. Then, I got a few breaks: A fundraising video VO gig, an audiobook opportunity (post to come, but check out Episode 4  – Love, Loss and Bold Living with Nancy Sharp) and another Tribute video. Next thing I knew, I was in a podcasting group and the idea to elevate the ideas and creative sharings from this beloved blog was born. My hope is that perhaps we can grow this into a community that shares ideas, where maybe I can even interview YOU and share what you are up to, so that together we can continue to be the better for time spent (my favorite success test).

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Thank you for your support and good cheer!!