Awesome Finds!, Musings and Insights

Caveat: This post is for TMC readers who have kids heading to college this Fall, or may already be there. For the rest of my wonderful readers, TMC will be back on track in September with lots of MindFULL Creative ideas to share! I’m gonna make this post short and sweet. My bandwidth is rather… Continue reading

Awesome Finds!, Musings and Insights

MindFULL Summah Inspahration

Ahh…finally. The dog days of summer have rolled in, and with them blooms of inspiration abound. As I clean off my iPad and iPhone, making way for new pics and memories, podcasts, books and a few TV shows, I feel the soft slow beat of ease. Two fun TV shows fill my iPad: Season 2… Continue reading MindFULL Summah Inspahration

Musings and Insights

Hallowed Halls of High School

Have you ever laughed so hard that you thought you might wet your pants? I have. On more than one occasion. And usually that occasion involves an old friend from high school. I graduated from high school a very long time ago. I’m beyond blessed to still be in touch with some wonderful people from… Continue reading Hallowed Halls of High School