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Supper Friends

How do you make supper something fun to create and look forward to? Share it with friends and challenge yourselves to stretch your culinary imaginations! Such was the challenge our friend, Rebecca, put forth 10 years ago, when she suggested we start a Supper Club. They would bring a couple and we would bring a… Continue reading Supper Friends

Musings and Insights

Love Me Tender

This weekend, my brother and his girlfriend of 11 years  got married at The Little White Chapel. Along with 4,000 other couples in Vegas on 11/11/11, they finally tied the knot. I have no idea what took so long. And what I learned this weekend was that it simply didn’t matter. What matters is that… Continue reading Love Me Tender

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We All Make Misstakes

“We all know we are powerfully influenced by first impressions – rightly or wrongly. For instance, have you ever taken a test, picked an answer, then thought about changing it – but didn’t? …More than 70 years of research on answer changing shows that most answer changes are from wrong to right, and that most… Continue reading We All Make Misstakes