Love Me Tender

This weekend, my brother and his girlfriend of 11 years  got married at The Little White Chapel. Along with 4,000 other couples in Vegas on 11/11/11, they finally tied the knot.

I have no idea what took so long. And what I learned this weekend was that it simply didn’t matter. What matters is that THEY are happy.

As I cracked up while the Reverend Belinda (Melinda?) read the vows, I teared up a bit as well  as I watched my brother and Randi beam. They genuinely like each other and you could see they loved the kitsch. People were swarming The Chapel. Some were married in pink Cadillacs by Elvis at a drive up window. Others waited for their wedding room reservation as if at a chain restaurant that was promoting an Early Bird special.

It could have been easy to snicker. And I am grateful I caught myself. I finally remembered what we all talk about – Be In The Moment.

In that moment, it was all about Love.

I wasn’t so in the moment the week/months before. In all honesty, I brought my “supposed tos” to bear on how my brother planned (or didn’t plan) this momentous event. He just doesn’t have the same Type A gene I inherited. Now instead of cursing him, I kinda envy him. It all turned out splendidly in the end. Darn. Once again I see that things turn out the way they turn out and you can either fret all the way there or save your energy for celebrating when you arrive.

And so, I found a way to show up in joy instead of judgment and ya know what? It became one of the top 10 family memories I will hold forever. Their love was palatable, their kindness knew no bounds. They were so happy we came and didn’t miss a beat in letting us know how much we mattered to both of them. They asked my 13 year old daughter to be their Witness. My father, ever the attorney, asked if that was legal. It was not only legal, it was honoring of their love for her, as well. She was touched. So was I.

After the ceremony, we went back to The Mandalay Bay and ate as if Rome was burning. My childhood memories are made of meals where we over ordered at restaurants. I used to be embarrassed. Now, I am grateful that we can have anything on the menu we want. My brother ordered The Feast; literally one of everything on the menu. We ate til groaned. We laughed. We tasted everything, including delight.

So, here’s to Elvis, Jon and Randi and accepting that your way/my way isn’t the only way. It’s simply A way. And if we are lucky, it will lead us together again, soon.


How do you MINDFULLY remember to let go of  “Shoulds? “Let us know!




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