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Be of Ease

"Be of Ease" is the quote my mom uses when signing off her emails. With the Holidays upon us, we hear a lot about giving gifts. While I want for little in the “Stuff” department, there is something I pray to receive. Perspective. For me, Perspective is the greatest gift. It’s free. I can give… Continue reading Be of Ease

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MindFULL Selfies and Mannequins

Do you ever step out of the shower and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? What’s the first thought that goes through your mind? Gotta confess, mine isn’t pretty. When I was little, I was "chubby". Sometimes, I still look in the mirror and see that little girl. Other times, I notice my… Continue reading MindFULL Selfies and Mannequins

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Get Your *&^% Together

Last week, as I was walking my laps around the park, I was talking on the phone with my wonderful stepsister, Lisa. The reception was sketchy, so you can imagine my surprise when all I heard was “Get your &^%$ together!” “What?” I cringed back. “It’s the name of a web-site geared toward Life and… Continue reading Get Your *&^% Together

Conversations with Girlfriends, Musings and Insights

Another MindFull Perspective

My friend, Joy, sent this to me last week. I thought for this MindFULL Monday, I'd share it with you, since this past weekend I posted a bonus blog on repainting my bathroom and all the thoughts it brought up. Love another way to look at decorating, not just our homes, but ourselves! Each day… Continue reading Another MindFull Perspective

Conversations with Girlfriends, Musings and Insights

A MindFULL Fit

Many years ago when we lived in Boston, I had a fabulous pair of  black snakeskin Kenneth Cole sandals. I loved them. I bought them for a great price and wore them everywhere. However, after several wearings, I was dismayed to notice how they started to hurt my feet. I ignored the rubbing along the… Continue reading A MindFULL Fit

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Thinking Inside The Box

Ya know the old adage, "Hear it three times, pay attention?" Well, last week, three different encounters reminded me of an old ritual I learned years ago: If you have a worry to let go of, dream to manifest or intention to hold, simply write it on a piece of paper and place it in… Continue reading Thinking Inside The Box

Awesome Finds!, Conversations with Girlfriends

MindFULL Fashionistas

I know I have been writing a lot about clothes lately. I don’t normally pay this much Mind to them, but as I clean out my closet and switch seasons, I am becoming more MindFULL of what I buy and how it fits. The bummer is that I am not a great shopper. Luckily, two… Continue reading MindFULL Fashionistas