MindFULL Style

This weekend I “turned my closet over.” I brought all of summer wears to the basement, fluffed up my sweaters and dusted off my boots. Fall is in the air, and I love it.

For my birthday this year, my friend Colette gave me a great book., Advanced Style. I wasn’t offended. Rather, I was inspired. Growing older is a blessing. Not everyone gets the chance. And so I plan to take the coming years with grace and wear clothes that reflect life. My grandparents were in the retail business and my Zadie always said that the feel of the fabric was most important. As I grow older, I appreciate owning one well made garment; I think it adds to a style and brings in a little story, as well.

As I perused my closet and figured out what still fit and what wasn’t working any more, I remembered a column of “clothing basics” sent by another friend, Erica, marking this pivotal fashion year. I’ve reprinted it below.  Next week, I’ll do a list for my favorite male readers. Some of them are so cute, they too, inspire style.


1. Skinny black jeans. You need a pair. Dress them up for the office or down for day.

2. A crisp, white button-down shirt. It suggests clean, cool confidence in the workplace, but unbutton two buttons and it’s the ultimate in sex appeal for night.

3. A go-to dress. It doesn’t have to be a little black dress. It’s even better sometimes if it’s not, because color makes a bolder statement. But it should fit perfectly and make you feel beautiful.

4. A classic black pump. It has to have at least a four-inch heel to boost your height and confidence. (Okay, fine. A three-inch heel if you must.)

5. A bright mini. It’s great to have one that’s a really bright color because it makes you stand out in a crowd. You can wear it for day—just pair it with an oversize men’s white sweater—or nighttime, with a silk camisole.

6. A bold piece of jewelry. Think: necklace, bangle, large ring, large earrings. I have a big necklace that I keep in my drawer at work, and it dresses up any outfit. A statement piece allows your personal style to shine, especially if the rest of your outfit is conservative.

7. A fitted blazer. A great-fitting blazer is a girl’s most invaluable staple. Pop the collar, roll the sleeves, or add a cool brooch to make it your own.

8. A colorful clutch. This one’s especially crucial if you have a closet full of blacks or neutrals. A splash of color will liven up the simplest outfit—not to mention your mood.

9. Black opaque tights. They’re so warm and practical, and they instantly make a dress look professional.

10. A lace tank. Wear it underneath your V-neck during the day or peeking out from under a jacket in the evening.

11. Ballet flats. They’re feminine and comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere and always look pulled together. I personally love a blue ballet flat.

12. A soft, luxurious white T-shirt. It has to be a great-quality one that feels good on your skin. You can wear it with everything else in your wardrobe. And if you find one you really love, buy three.

Anne Christensen, forty-five, is the executive fashion director of Glamour. She has also served as fashion director of The New York Times’ T Magazine, and her styling has been featured in the American, Italian, and Chinese editions of Vogue.

What do you MindFULLY wear that makes you feel stylish and comfortable? Let us know!