MindFULLY Fly Fishing

What happens when you say “never”? You can just about count on it coming to be. Yup. I could write for days on all the things I thought I’d never say, do or be — and all the things I have said, done and achieved.

And that’s why I am writing about Fly Fishing.

One of my favorite clients is the Bass Pro Shops (www.bassproshops.com).  Who’d have guessed? 5 years ago, I was recommended to them as a focus group moderator. I did some groups for them, they asked if I could travel and here we are,  still collecting funny stories.  I’ve heard things, been places and learned more about the outdoor world than I could have imagined. And you know what? While I am not lining up to go hunting or camping (unless it is for one night, by a car, with my friend Colette), I do have an new appreciation for the outdoors and hope to own a boat one day.

With my new found appreciation for the outdoors, I found conversation came easily with the nice guy at UPS last week. Turns out he is a professional fly fishing guide. His name is Chris Galvin and he leads guided fishing trips, offers instruction and custom ties flies. His  work at UPS affords him time off for the sport he loves. I was struck by his life balance. Finding work he enjoys to support his passion. Hmmm, now that is something to think about.

So, if you are ever considering a fly fishing expedition, check out Bass Pro Shops for your gear and then get in touch with Chris at galvinguiding@gmail.com. You never know what life balance you might strike out there one day.

How do you mindFULLY balance your work and passion? Let us know!