Did You Know

Is there something about you that would surprise friends and family?  A few weeks ago, after reading my post about scents, my camp friend, of 30 years, mentioned that he had no sense of smell – hadn’t had any since he was a a kid. I had no idea! He ordered an amazing meal for us in NYC – how’d he do that without being able to taste?

Then yesterday,  I was talking with my dad about how I look for synchronicity and patterns in numbers and he told me that when he is bored or distracted, he plays a game with himself whereby he can look at a word and within seconds, tell you how many letters are in it. I threw out a few words and he threw back the letters. Humph! Who knew?!

Here’s something I’ll bet my friends and family don’t know about me… When I am in a meeting ( or when I was in school) and I am bored, I take my notes backwards. I write the whole letter and sentenced from right to left.

The funny thing is that years ago, when we were sitting around the table after my grandmothers funereal, my mom was doodling and it turned out that she writes backwards, too! Except, she does it in script. That’s kinda weird.

If you were to think about the people who know you, is there something that you realize they don’t know? Do you have a hidden talent, passion or habit that you never thought about, but might surprise them? Tell them. Show them. Crack them up!

What do you do MINDFULLY do that makes you unique? Let us know!