Eat, Drink and Read

This from the pages of MORE magazine; a great concept that I will bring to my book club this year – Eat, Drink and Read. Oh ya, we already do that. We actually have trouble finding time to discuss the books.

So, in the spirit of  keeping on with what you do best, I thought I’d share a great book and cocktail recommendation. Whether you are in a book club or not, I hope you find State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett, and an iced Blood Orange Cipirinha, an easy way to spend one of these warm summer days!

Blood Orange Caipirinha

1 blood orange

1 lime, cut into 8 wedges

4 tsp of super fine sugar

4 ounces Cachaca (Brazillian sugarcane liquor)

Cracked ice

Club soda

  1. Cut the blood orange in half lengthwise. Squeeze half, set the juice aside.
  2. Slice the other half into 4 wedges.
  3. Place 4 lime wedges and 2 blood orange wedges in each of  2 rock glasses.  Add 2 teaspoons sugar to each. Muddle the sugar and wedges. Fill each glass with ice to the top. Divide the blood orange juice between the glasses. Pour 2 ounces Cachaca over each. Transfer the contents of  each glass, one at a time, to a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously, and return to the glass. Top off with club soda.

 What delicious books have you MindFULLY read this summer?

Let us know!