Birds Of A Feather, Shop Together

This afternoon my 12 year old wanted to go to the mall with a friend. Suffice to say, there were other ways I wanted to spend my day.

I often seem to struggle around what I want to do vs what she wants to do. Today I had a list of “should dos” as long as our driveway.  However,  as she approaches independence, I try to be sensitive to how tethered she still is to us and how much I liked the things she likes when I was her age.

Thus,  I used this afternoon as an opportunity to turn my attitude into gratitude. We had a budget to spend (how lucky to have extra spending money), she still wanted me around and really, my ” should do” list could wait. As such, I grabbed my camera and decided that while they were in Abercrombie and Fitch, I’d sit on the comfy chairs, with all the guys waiting for their ladies, and see what creative pics came to me.

It didn’t take long before I noticed a trend. Teen girls shopping in packs. Everywhere I looked, I saw them. Walking together, talking together, texting together. It was as if once I noticed them, they were everywhere!

I started snapping pictures. From 10 years of age to who knows how old, they crawled the mall. I didn’t notice any boys poking in and out of the stores. Only girls. Any guys I saw were with girls or waiting for them. For 3 hours I sat there, and there was only one lone boy.

What is up with this? Why do so many young girls shop in groups?   Let us know your theory. My mind is full of reasons. What are yours?

p.s. My clothes still smell like store perfume…

2 thoughts on “Birds Of A Feather, Shop Together”

  1. Women are socialized to do things like shop. This is not a critique on that bit of behavior, I am only saying that in lots of movies women and girls are shown at the mall. Not bingo, or soccer, or hunting– but at the mall.

  2. I applaud your clandestine photography!! And also the way you put your own to-do list aside.

    Re; the mall
    My 13 year old says, “It’s fun to look at all the new stuff,” but I’m afraid I may have imprinted in her brain how much I love going to the mall and my own personal mall marketing slogan, “Anything can happen at the mall!”

    Another phenom that pops up there once you’re looking for it: 40-something moms shopping with gangly, seemingly disinterested pre-teen/teens who are taller than the moms! (This could be my own vertically-challenged bias.)

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