Its Greek To Me

Have you ever stopped to think about why certain conversations stick with you?

The other day, I was reflecting on a conversation that was under my skin. What was really bothering me? I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, as my mind wandered at a stop light, it hit me.

The person had been sarcastic. And I had taken it personally.

Sarcasm has its roots in Greek and it means “to cut or tear flesh”. Ouch.

I suspect that no one really wants to literally cut or tear anothers  flesh. However, that’s what it feels like when we are sarcastic or someone is sarcastic to us. I try not to do it, but honestly, I have – and I feel lousy afterward. In addition, I have wasted energy by holding on to conversations where I’ve asked a question and received a sarcastic response. The under lying reasons for such nasty behavior is ours/theirs to own. Only we can make the choice to ask ourselves the question, “Of all my responses, which one will put more love in the world?”

Or as my dear friend Jill always says, “Be the behavior you want to be remembered for.”

Perhaps the next time we feel like giving someone a sarcastic response, we’ll remember how it feels to be wounded. After all, if sarcasm can metaphorically cut someone, imagine how kind words can heal their wounds.

How do you become more MindFULLY aware of the way you talk with others?

Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Its Greek To Me”

  1. it is amazing how those conversations just linger like bad breath! Thanks, I needed this post today!

  2. love the line “be the behavior you want to be remembered for.” Nobody wants to be remembered as one who tears flesh or inflicts wounds. We would all like to think that our words and deeds are soothing, but we know when they are not. Being sincere will reduce your regrets.

  3. Great “food for thought”….”be the behavior you want to be remembered for”…..

    No that will be under my skin….

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