Living In The Moment

How many times have you heard how important it is to live in the moment and how many times a day do you really stop and think about it?

If you’re  like most of us, not often enough.

Over the last few weeks I have been living in limbo and I have had my share of angst. As some of you may remember in my post a few weeks back, Opportunity Knocks, we were approached about selling our home. While we went quickly under contract, the buyer’s financing process dragged on. For weeks, we had no idea if the deal would go through. Should we plant our flowers or pack a box? On Thursday we got word that it is a GO. And we are moving and closing this Friday. It’s all happening very quickly.

When my mind started (starts) to race, I tried to catch myself and lovingly say, “When are you?” The past or the future? When I got back myself back to the moment, I realized all was well and I had a choice of what to do next. Sometimes it worked and other times I lost it. So goes the human condition.

Nevertheless, I am finding that being in the moment brings relief and surprise. Many amazing synchronicities have happened in this chapter, and one really blows me away. Last week, I went through boxes of cards and pictures I had saved for over 15 years. I came across letters and cards that friends had written – friends I don’t speak with or see as often as I used to.  I stopped to think of them, kissed their notes and either saved them in a new smaller box or blessed them and let them go. Three of those friends emailed me the next day! What does that say about the power of intention?

I am heading out now to the condo we have rented for a year. I am meeting my friend Colette, who is the Queen of  moving forward with delight,  to smudge and bless the space and to fill it with good intention. I am trying to live in this moment. I’m sure when the packers come to do the heavy lifting on Wednesday, I’ll get stuck in the past. But with any thought, I hope to remember that right here, right now, this opportunity knocked on our door for a reason. And only by being in the moment, will the reason introduce itself.

What ways do you remind yourself to be in this moment and live MindFULLy? Let us know!