A Festival Full of Ideas

It’s MindFULL Monday AND Memorial Day. How fun is that? In the spirit enjoying a mindfull weekend and doing fun things, we spent yesterday in Boulder. For those of you who have never been there, I highly recommend a visit. Nestled at the foot of the Flatirons, Boulder is a cool college town with a high social conscience and a clear blue sky.

The Boulder Creek Festival is a Memorial Day tradition. Loaded with people watching, games for kids and booths filled with Healers, hand-made jewelry and organic goodies,  it’s a wonderful place to go for new ideas.

One of the best ideas we saw this year was from a company called ENO. They created a light weight hanging chair that would make swinging on your porch on lazy summer eves as sweet as honey drizzled over  fresh brie and pears. Another ideas  was of wind chimes made with metal carvings, beads and bells. The carvings included animals and words. It was as if  your saying was speaking to you each time the wind blew.

Much to my personal delight, I heard Rebecca Folsom on stage by the food tents playing one of my all time favorite songs, Lets Be Too Much! Rebecca is on my play list of Colorado Women Musicians. She often plays at the local folk music school and I just love her music. Check her out on i-Tunes.

My daughter brought a friend and their laughter wafted through the air as they bungee jumped, caught bubbles and savored handmade crepes for lunch.  We even witnessed  a flash mob dancing to Lady Gaga’s  Bad Romance! It was a day that made you revel in the moment and delight in the walking of the woman on stilts. A wonderful moment and awesome balance – great reminders that summer is on its way!

What MindFULL ways remind you that summer is coming? Let us know!

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