Bits And Pieces

Have you ever been sitting around a table with your  friends and really looked at them and wondered, “who are these people and how did I get here?”  As I laughingly asked myself that question the other night,  I thought of an old poem that I used to have tacked to my bulletin board. When I got home,  I dug it out and re-read it,  remembering what I  liked about it. May it have relevance for you and bring you ease as you reflect on the people in your life today and on days gone by. Have faith, that no matter how easy or difficult a relationship, it has something to teach you. Take the lesson and be grateful. And never wonder and never regret…

Bits and Pieces

People cross your life, touch it with love and carelessness and move on. There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why you ever came in contact with them.  There are people who leave and you breathe a sigh of remorse and wonder why they had to go away and leave such a gaping hole. Children leave parents, friends leave friends, acquaintances move on. People change houses, people grow apart, enemies hate and move on. You think of the many who have moved into your hazy memory. You look upon present people and wonder. I believe in G-d’s master plan in life. He moves people in and out of each others lives and each leaves a mark. You find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who ever touched your life and you are more because of this  and you would be less if they had not touched you. Pray that you accept the bits and pieces with humility and wonder, and never question and never regret. Bits and pieces…bits and pieces.

_Lois Cheney, G-d Is  No Fool

How do you MindFULLY accept your bits and pieces? Let us know!

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