Gratitude Attitude

On Sunday evening, I dragged myself home from a 3 week, travel whirlwind. Embedded in those three weeks was in-depth work around the emotional topic of money, a family Bat Mitzvah, a college reunion and a weekend with my mom at the Sanity Rally in DC. On Monday I cleaned my house.  Thinking it was all behind, I started to relax.

On Tuesday I got word of a new project, set to kick off this week and requiring I get back on a plane for 10 more days. On Wednesday I lifted my daughters backpack into the trunk, threw my back out and started crying. I was officially overwhelmed.

You see, I had lost my “gratitude attitude”.  All of the things that had me on the go, are blessings for which I am truly grateful; family, friends and good work. But I was exhausted and I forgot. And then on Thursday when my back pain subsided,  a friend said, ” go forth and prosper, lunch with me will still be here when you get back” and the prospect of funding a room over the garage set in, I cried even harder. Not because I was relieved, but because I was so mad at myself for forgetting to be grateful for all I was lucky enough to be doing.

How can we remember?

One way I learned of, years ago, is to keep a gratitude journal by my bed and before going to sleep, jot down 5 things one is grateful for that day. As with many tools of its kind, I peter in and out over time. Yet when I do it, I feel better. Somehow the goodness gets recorded in my soul as I drift off to sleep. I chuckle when I look through it. Some of the same names and feeling are there, year after year. That is certainly something to be grateful for.

On the plane last week, I came across a small blurb about a website that  encourages members to list five things they are grateful for everyday. You can write your thoughts,  show photos and upload videos and interact with others.  Check out

Yesterday I felt the grace in small things. Beautiful weather, two walks, a beauty treatment and a  massage.  I felt  grateful for a husband who encourages me to take time for myself, a daughter who says, “go mom, you need some Robin time!” and a back that feels better as the days go by.

Ah yes, we all have so much to be grateful for. Now I hope I can simply remember this when I am lying in the hotel room at 2am waiting to fall asleep. Those deep dark nights are when I tend to really forget. So the question for this week is, “how can I feel the gratitude in the glow of the alarm clock?”

What are you MindFULLY grateful for and how do you remember?

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