BBBBenny and The Jets

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head and after 27 times of singing the same verse over and over you  realize your  lyrics are so far off? My 12 year old  and I have been laughing all week over our rendition of Benny and The Jets.

Who knows the real words? “She’s got electric boobs, a mohair suit, I know I read it in a magazine,,,oh boy…”  We’re thinking these cant be right. Then we start making up our own.

Music can be funny that way. You love it. You sing it. And then you hear someone else singing it and you wonder, “what??”.

This post is short, cause we want to hear what song you love and yet, don’t really know the words to. Don’t be shy. I still think the Wham Hit from the ‘80s is “guilty feet have got no feelings”. I’m sure you know the words…

What songs are MindFULLY stuck in your head with the wrong lyrics? Let us know!

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