The Life You Live

I spent the morning, curled up in my chair, hot coffee in hand, glasses perched on my nose and the NYTimes Magazine section. It is one of my favorites: The Lives They Lived. As it says, it’s not so much an obituary of those that passed away this year, as it is a “collection of narratives that celebrates lives”.

It seems only fitting that I should reflect on the issue today, as this week is customary to reflect on the year past and our longings for the year to come. As such, I have taken to gifting myself over the next few days with a new way to resolve my intentions for the coming year; pondering what one might write about me should the need arise — G-d Forbid, POO POO POO (Yiddish for G-d Forbid).

What would I want them to say? What would make me smile and what would make cringe? How will I have left my mark? Or will I even be missed?

Rarely is it the Holiday season that I don’t take stock in some way. Its not an easy time of year for me. It is a time of year that requires me to be extroverted and connective and yet it is the natural time for introversion and hibernation. I am prone to wanting to be home at this time of year and that doesn’t always sit well with those who’d rather I be out. Mixed in is a part that also craves lightness and a good laugh, cocktail in hand.  Such opposing needs causes me to think about how that’s working (or not working ) for me,  what can be released and what I really want for myself and relationships I hold dear. A messy journal entry, always.

All in all, am I the person who I’d feel the better having read about?

Who are you? And what will we read? Do you like the story so far? Yay for you, if you do. And if there is a sentence or two you’d like to see changed, well, yay for you again! There is still time. Who knows how much? Don’t wait to find out. Next year’s issue is probably laid out and the story holes are waiting to be filled. I pray that ours is not amongst them – but let’s MindFULLY live our stories this year, anyway.

What would you like to have MindFULLY written about you? Let us know!

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