4 Simple Steps

They finally finished painting the outside of the house! What a difference some paint makes. There is still touch up to be done (front porch and door), but it finally feels happier, in spite of the gray day we took the picture on. Coming soon, flower boxes and chairs!

I was going to write about progress on the inside of the house today, but given it’s under wraps this week as they prep for paint, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some words of wisdom that came across my desk last week, instead.

I needed them. It was a rough week. Everything we ordered, months ago, came in with some issue attached to it. I felt frustrated and worn down. Things I had crossed off my list had to be re-attended to. They moved our finish date back a week.

Alas, in my heart I know it will all get done and most days I flow with it. However, with so much on my plate right now, some days I find myself over thinking a lot of things and reacting to situations that I would normally blow off. I think it’s a hormonal cocktail of life, change and rain. I feel shaken, not stirred.

As such, when Yehuda Berg’s daily email (www.kabbalah-tune-up.com) appeared, I laughed. Ah, a cool drink of water…a Happy Hour for the spirit.

More often than not, our first reaction is to over-complicate things.  But the spirit is not complicated, the spirit is simple.  

If you find yourself over-thinking a situation, detangle yourself with these 4, simple steps.

1.    Acknowledge it’s from a power beyond you, sent for your benefit

2.    Identify your reaction

3.    Resist letting the response take over, listen for the quiet voice of unity & positive  resolution  

4.    Act & speak with dignity


How often do you MindFULLY need to learn or remember something and you stumble across just the right message? Let us know!

One thought on “4 Simple Steps”

  1. Well, that sums up my week too! Funny how a little perspective changes everything. Thanks for sharing!

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