Slow Down

Ever get going really fast and an easy voice inside says, “slow down”? Sometimes I am going so fast that all I can hear is the harder voice that says, “come on…check one more thing off your list.”

Always looking for little things I can do throughout the day, when I travel and when I am up at 2am perseverating over life’s details, I seek simple ways to help me relax. I keep little reminders on the shelf above my computer desk. I have also literally written the words SLOW DOWN on a piece of paper and taped them to the mirror over my bathroom sink. Its not that I am wound up, but I do have a tendency to do a lot of things at the same time or go into “line em up and knock em down” mode as my friend, Ellen, says. I am very productive, but sometimes I can get going too fast and then I crash and burn.

A few weeks I came across the Healthy Living Lounge.  I thought it sounded intriguing and was delighted to find some really helpful articles and tips. Below is one of them. So simple. And yet, so powerful.

 Stop holding your breath!

When you start paying more attention to your breath you may find that you hold your breath more often than you realize. Simply being aware is the perfect first step towards  slowing down your mind and heart rate. It gives you a chance to think clearly and to answer/speak/act from a more thoughtful space.

Slow down… Check it out…

How do you slow down and MindFULLY create a space to think from? Let us know!

One thought on “Slow Down”

  1. I think its more complicated then that – I think the question is what am I or anyone else running away from dealing with. When you go hard and fast it serves as a form of self medication and more than likely a skill learned as a child that now doesn’t work. I see people all around me going so fast- so besides thearpy I think you have to be aware of what triggers it and sit with it. I have a very stressfull week with doctors appointments and when I start running I know that this is what sends me into motions so I try not to plan too much.

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