The Song of Life

50. Wow. That is a big number. I can’t believe that it will be the one that precedes my name this coming summer.

I’m not sure how I feel about it, other than grateful to reach it in good health and with all of the blessings I have in this moment. I am trying to skip over the bags under my eyes and the droopy profile when I step in the shower, much the less the over 1/2  way through fear of dread. But thankfully,  I have learned that numbers are just numbers. They don’t mean anything other then the meaning we give them.

I was inspired last week when a friend said for her 51 birthday, she carried 51 $1 bills and hid them in random places for people to find. For example, she put one behind a ketchup bottle at the grocery story, another next to a rock at the local high school. I thought that was fun. Another friend is kicking off this year and making it The Year of 12s. She started a group that is made up of 12 women who will meet on the 12th of every month for fun.

So, when my friend, Colette, suggested that to celebrate turning 50 we collect our top 50 songs, with a story, I was all over it. Her birthday is a few weeks before mine. We are thinking of ways we can celebrate this summer and music will definitely play a huge roll.

I think the first song on my list will be Running on Empty, by Jackson Browne. It was my favorite song in high school and with the hot topic of high school in our home these days, it seems fitting. I can’t wait to see what the final list looks like and the story it will tell. After all, music is one of my favorite forms of storytelling and turning 50 can be one heck of a tale.

How do numbers play a fun roll in your life and perspective? Let us know!

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