MindFULL Men’s Essentials

Years ago, I had a debate with my friend Tony about men and their shoes. I claimed it was the first thing people noticed and thought good shoes important to a first impression. He called baloney. But as the years went on, he agreed. To our list we added a nice watch and good teeth.

Last week, I wrote about “turning my closet” and offered a checklist of clothing must haves from Anne Christensen, executive fashion director of Glamour. So this week, in a salute to my guy friends, I am posting an article I found in my in-flight United magazine.

According to Brian Spaly, CEO of Trunk Club, an online men’s clothing service, “There are six items of clothing that every many should have in his closet. These classics will serve as the foundation for an everyday wardrobe, and they are particularly helpful when traveling.”

  1. Navy Blazer – “A simple classic piece that says, “I’m sophisticated – this is not my first plane ride.
  1. White Shirt – “Clean, crisp and elegant. Versatile white shirts are timeless and offer a nice contrast to any sweater or blazer.”
  1. Belt – “Look for high quality, robust leather. Coordinate color/finish with your shoes. Advanced style points: match the buckle with your watch band.
  1. Gray V-Neck Sweater – “solid layering piece fro handling different climates and circumstances. Works with nearly all trouser /denim options.
  1. Jeans – “Invest in a great pair of high –end denim. Cleaner washes/rinses look better with blazers and dress shirts. Avoid skinny cuts unless you are selling creative work.”
  1. Shoes – “Rich brown or caramel colored shoes (with matching belt) are a staple. Unless you wearing a formal suit or reffing a game, stay away from black shoes.”

What MindFULL essentials do you rely on? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “MindFULL Men’s Essentials”

  1. Am I the “tony” referenced above that eventually saw the light relative to the importance of good shoes…?

  2. We went to a fundraising dinner tonight for Portland State. LL wore his sneakers, as usual. There were so many people, no one noticed. Alas, this is what his feet need, but nice shoes would be nice!

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