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MindFULL Cleanse

How blessed are we to have plenty of food to choose from and enjoy? As we sat around the table of our beloved friends on Thursday, I indulged in two helpings of everything (including THE best apple cranberry pie I have ever had). The food, the wine and the company were enough to fill me for days.

And that is why I find myself wanting to do a simple detox/cleanse. I’m full in both body and mind. I thought if I could do a simple body cleanse, then I could also start a new journal and cleanse my mind of some thoughts and feelings I’d like to let go of, as well.

As I thought about how to go about this cleanse, I saw a promo for the Dr Oz Show. He was talking about what sounded like a reasonable 3 –day Detox Cleanse. I am not the most disciplined, but even I can do 3 days!

So I checked it out. The cleanse revolves around fruit and vegetable shakes in place of meals. I usually do a shake anyway for breakfast, so how hard can two more be?

I’ll let ya know the answer to that question on Thursday morning. For now, I am simply eager for “lunch”. What time is it? Oh…

Do you ever MindFULLY do a body detox or cleanse? When and how?

Let us know!

3 thoughts on “MindFULL Cleanse”

  1. UCH. None at all. I can see doing one shake in the morning, but that’s it. And i used to like kale. Now I cant look at it!

  2. The midday one sounds awful! I hate celery in smoothies. The morning one is very close to our normal recipe.

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