Freezerburn Bright

foodAs I opened the fridge last night, I saw left over potato pancakes (latkes) and a bowl of home-made applesauce staring at me. Once again, I made too many latkes and cooked more applesauce than Johnny Appleseed could stomach. And once again, I reached to throw food away. However, something stopped me this time. And I had an idea…

What, if for the next two weeks, as we return to work, school and routine, I buy only fruits and veggies, and attempt to eat everything we have in the freezer and cupboards  – until they’re bare?

Seems we often look at what we have in the freezer, and on the shelves, and then run out and buy more.

I poked through the freezer and took out two aluminum packages. Turkey meatloaf in one, Enchiladas in the other. Guess what’s for dinner?

My mom sent me a new book last week that has inspired this change of food perspective, Blood Bones and Butter – The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton. It looks delicious and I can’t wait to devour it.

Perhaps with this new intention to make my way through the aluminum in the freezer,  I’ll find some cookies to enjoy while I read Gabrielle’s story. I hope they look better than the Turkeyloaf.

What are you MindFULLY eating and reading this Holiday season?

Let us know!

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