Picture This Year

The sun is shining and my daughter is outside, taking headshots of a friend. She has recently discovered photography and its fun to watch her document people, places and ideas.

Last year I came across this posting and I couldn’t wait for this January to share it  – 10 Cant Miss Photos to Take Each Month  http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/content_downloads/PHO-LIST-A.pdf

There are some creative ideas on this list, laid out month by month. With renewed creative intention, and something as simple as the camera on your phone, you can set out to build a year worth reflecting upon, in a new way.

Check it out. I’m sorry I cant attribute a thank you to the right person. I don’t remember where I found it. I hope the knowing they added creative ideas to our every month, will be thanks enough.

What will you MindFULLY capture when you turn your lens on the world?

Let us know!

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