Inclusivity, Diversity and Self-Publishing

When we were in Berlin last month visiting our daughter, we were invited to dinner by a wonderful group of folks from Israel. The guys happen to do business with my husband and are smart, capable men with smart, capable partners! My shoulders softened and my heart filled knowing they are there for my daughter and our family should we need anything. Trust me when I say, when your child lives so far away, these are the folks you want to be able to call!

At dinner that night, I was lucky enough (is it really luck or divine intervention?) to sit next to Sarah Cordivano. Sarah works as a Head of strategy and governance in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Berlin. She’s originally from Philadelphia and moved to Berlin 6 years ago. Her background is in data analytics and project management and she told me about the book she has just written: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How to Succeed at an Impossible Job. The book is aimed towards anyone who is starting a job in DEI and wants to know how to get started, how to set a strategy and how to maintain a healthy relationship with the job. It’s very practical and hands-on. I loved her story and asked her to join me for an episode of MindFULL conversations. We talked about her book and her journey in writing it!

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Even if her work isn’t your bag, maybe you’ve thought about writing a book. Listen to Sarah for ideas on how you can write one, too!