Collage Stories in 2 & 3 dimensions

A few weeks ago I posted an episode on MindFULL conversations about Finding Pieces and Making Something Fun, an interactive Zoom class with Judith Cassel-Mamet that takes the bits and pieces of pictures, notes and trinkets you might have inherited, kept or found and shows you how to turn it into something that delights. I wanted to put it back out into the world, now that the month of January is here (the class is happening on Friday, January 27). And… I got a great and thoughtful email for the class that is loaded with helpful and easy instructions! I think Judith is the consumate teacher and I am eagerly collecting my own pics, notes and papers. Join Us! I always learn something new from Judith that makes my world better – and I suspect you will, too.

You can re-listen to the epsiode here. And check out this link to go straight to Judith’s website where you can sign up. I trust you will find all sorts of information and inspiration!

See you at class.