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Freezerburn Bright

As I opened the fridge last night, I saw left over potato pancakes (latkes) and a bowl of home-made applesauce staring at me. Once again, I made too many latkes and cooked more applesauce than Johnny Appleseed could stomach. And once again, I reached to throw food away. However, something stopped me this time. And… Continue reading Freezerburn Bright

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Get Your *&^% Together

Last week, as I was walking my laps around the park, I was talking on the phone with my wonderful stepsister, Lisa. The reception was sketchy, so you can imagine my surprise when all I heard was “Get your &^%$ together!” “What?” I cringed back. “It’s the name of a web-site geared toward Life and… Continue reading Get Your *&^% Together

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30 MindFULL Days

  According to the Jewish calendar (a Jewish calendar is lunar vs a solar calendar like the one the US and other countries use) tonight begins Elul  -- the  30 day journey to Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). This is a very auspicious time for reflection and redirection. Whether or not you are Jewish,… Continue reading 30 MindFULL Days

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7 Up

Looking for something new to watch? How about a new way to ponder life and time. The link below is to a blog that my Kabbalah teacher, David Sanders writes. Always insightful, David brings new ideas and ways of seeing, moving through and being in the world. His latest post is about 7 Up,… Continue reading 7 Up

Conversations with Girlfriends, Musings and Insights

Another MindFull Perspective

My friend, Joy, sent this to me last week. I thought for this MindFULL Monday, I'd share it with you, since this past weekend I posted a bonus blog on repainting my bathroom and all the thoughts it brought up. Love another way to look at decorating, not just our homes, but ourselves! Each day… Continue reading Another MindFull Perspective