Don’t Worry

These two weeks mark high school graduations, college graduations and end of school years. Big times for many special people in our life.

Standing around backyards and in hallowed school halls, there’s been many a sigh of relief, reflective conversations and all sorts of future ponderings. It seems no matter the age of your kids, you worry. If you don’t have kids and your parents are still with you, remember that you are a kid to someone and chances are they worry for you.

We don’t want to worry and many of us work hard to let go. But gosh, sometimes the tight feeling in your chest is hard to ignore.

So, with a wink and a nod toward gently reminding us that everyone worries and generally things turn out OK if you simply give them the room to breathe, I share the article When They’re Grown, the Real Pain Begins by Susan Engel, a senior lecturer in psychology and director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College.

How about, if just for today, we all agree to take Susan’s advice at the end of her essay and treat ourselves to a few minutes of Zen? See if you can’t put one worry aside. Perhaps a little sunshine and fresh air will bring a new perspective later on. At the very least, it will give you a little less time to worry and a little more time for just loving your kids and/or your own special Self.

How do you MindFULLY stop worrying? Let us know!

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