Tiny Superheroes

“The Seattle mom was making superhero capes for her 1-year-old son when she came across a blog about a baby girl named Brenna. Brenna was born with a rare and severe skin disease. She needed eye surgery at just 3 weeks and beat an aggressive blood infection. In Robyn’s mind, Brenna was a fighter: She was Super Brenna.


“I realized that while my son looked cute in a cape, Brenna needed a cape,” Rosenberger said. So she reached out to Brenna’s mom, Courtney Westlake, who lives in Springfield, Ill., through Facebook, and asked if she could send a cape her way.”

So began, Tiny Superheroes. The company, started by Robin Rosenberger, makes capes for kids who battling cancer and other serious illnesses.  Check out her wonderful story: http://www.today.com/health/tiny-superheroes-fight-big-illnesses-little-capes-1C9390606?franchiseSlug=todayhealthmain

We all have the power to be super heroes to someone or fight for a cause. How are you a superhero? Or after reading Robyn’s story, how are you MindFULLY moved to make a difference? Let us know!

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