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Stop! In The Name of (self) Love

Recently, my cousin sent me this picture. I love it. It’s of me, and my two cousins (brother and sister) when we were around 4, 5 and 6, I think. It is one of my favorites and the timing reminds me of one of the best learnings I have come to this past year –… Continue reading Stop! In The Name of (self) Love

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Keep On Keepin On

Such were the words uttered by Legendary jazz musician Clark Terry (who taught Quincy Jones and mentored Miles Davis) to his latest young protégé, blind 23-year-old pianist Justin Kauflin, every time they said good-bye. In this thoughtful documentary of the same name, Keep On Keepin’ On is the story of their touching and enduring friendship.… Continue reading Keep On Keepin On

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Be of Ease

"Be of Ease" is the quote my mom uses when signing off her emails. With the Holidays upon us, we hear a lot about giving gifts. While I want for little in the “Stuff” department, there is something I pray to receive. Perspective. For me, Perspective is the greatest gift. It’s free. I can give… Continue reading Be of Ease