Who is that woman in the mirror looking back at me? There is no excuse not to be in shape these days, although clearly, I have found several. Nonetheless, when my head is on straight and my eye is on the prize, I remember several folks who have ways that make it easier to stick to the vision.

The first is a program that serves folks who are, well… “after forty”.  Armed with insight about why we do what we do, Mary Coussons-Read, PhD, Professor of Psychology and an amazing life coach, is now coaching folks to use their minds AND their bodies.  In addition to life coaching, Mary is working with Beachbody, an MLM opportunity that offers reasonably priced, highly effective home fitness programs and products to help you get where you want to go with your weight and fitness in your own home. Not only can you get yourself in shape, you can also learn how to become a Beachbody coach and get your finances in shape, as well. Imagine learning how to be your own boss and reach your financial and fitness goals!

To learn more about what Mary is doing, check out http://BeFitAfterForty.com

Let’s say that you not only want to look good, but you are looking for a proven solution to elevate your tennis game. Trainer and fitness expert Howie Waldstreicher has developed Half Hour Power, a DVD that features multiple exercise routines and workouts with Melanie Oudin or the Bryan brothers. Specifically created to help tennis players develop the kind of strength and stamina required of today’s game, Howie uses power bands and a 30-minute routine to deliver multi-directional total body movements, high-intensity resistance training intervals, isometric core stabilization and core reactive training.

To learn more about what Howie is doing, check out www.halfhourpower.com

For those of you who live in Denver and are looking for a hands-on and mindFULLY encouraging  workout experience, check out Energy Balance Inc. Once a week, I share the talent and spirit of David Jacobs, Energy Balance’s brains and brawn, with my girlfriend, Ellen. We laugh, sweat and stretch our way toward feeling AND looking better. No more Hadassah arms, or lower back pain,  for us! David’s approach to helping us attain our goals is based on principles and concepts of function (gravity, ground-reaction, momentum, three-dimensions, eccentric muscle loading, subconscious based movement). From these concepts, he creates a workout that allows us to be successful and move towards, and beyond, our current goals. We can see AND feel the difference.

To learn more about what David is doing, check out www.energybalanceinc.com

How are you MindFULLY working out this summer? Let us know!