Words To Live By

I love the feeling of an “aha moment”. My word for such moments is “cell-abration”. It’s the feeling you get on a cellular level; the feeling of REALLY getting something and experiencing a life changing paradigm shift. I am rocking right now with all that I have learned as I have had the privilege of spending time time with people I love over the last month, and reading articles that have been piled up for months. Some of their words to live by include:

People tell you who they are. Listen. – My friend, Barb

Age is a Privilege – Laura Linney

Put your energy where it pays dividends – My friend, Ellen

Arrange the pieces that come your way – Virgina Wolfe

Don’t Complain and Don’t Explain – Wayne Dyer

The little nice things that happen along the way? They’re called  G-d winks – Cousin Evan

The whiter  the bread, the faster  you’re dead – Dr. Amen

Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us – Michael Berg

The Universe works in a circle – Mom

As you get older you realize that good enough, is good enough – Auntie Susan

My travel  journal is filled with new ideas and thoughts from time spent  with people I am the better  for. Gotta say “g-d winks” is my favorite. I experience them all the time. Especially when something happens that reinforces what I learned above. Wink, wink.

What words do you MINDFULLY live by? Let us know!

One thought on “Words To Live By”

  1. Whenever I call my dad to say, ugg, I am tired, the kids are nuts, we don’t have enough $…he always says…
    “These ARE the good times.” – Oscar Soule, Sarah’s Dad

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