This week is my 49th birthday. I can’t believe I am going to be 49. On one hand, I am glad to be 49 (I lost a friend to breast cancer when we were 36). On the other hand, 49 means a lot of time has passed!

Some folks tell me I don’t look 49. What does 49 look like?

Recently, I was talking with my friend and art muse, Judith Cassell-Mamet ( about my new “journal for my birthday” ritual. For years I would get a new black and white composition book for doodling and collecting ideas. Then I met Judith and Tamara (another friend and awesome creative muse) and they taught me how to make my own journals.

Making a journal is pretty easy: Take any size paper you’d like and decoupage anything you want on it. Grab a stack of printer paper and head to the nearest copy store. Ask them to laminate the decoupaged piece of paper and bind it with the printer paper. Viola’! A journal that means something to YOU.

As such, I was pondering what this birthday’s journal cover would be. Given my obsession with the number 49, I decided to take this year and make it the year of numbers. Combined with my interest in using my camera more often, I was looking forward to seeing how those numbers appear in the world around me.

The crazy thing is that the moment I said this out loud to Judith (she was driving), I looked out the car window and there on the street were 4 cymbals sitting in front of a Jazz bar. 4. I took them to be a “symbol” and have put this picture on the cover of my new birthday book.

Then I realized that this moth is 8/11. And my birthday is 8/11! Nothing to do with 4 and 9, but kinda cool in the number realm.

I always say my husband is the numbers guy. Maybe this year, as I get more comfortable with looking for numbers, I’ll learn how to balance my checkbook, too. OK, maybe I’ll just take it one number at a time.

It’s all fun. And it’s all just a number. What really matters is how you feel. And I feel 36.

What’s your MindFULL age vs the number of the birthday coming up? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Symbols”

  1. what were you doing cruising the rough part of town by el Chipultapec? You’ve got the best bday in the world. And I’m glad you are here to celebrate it.

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