A Prayer For Frank

Today’s MindFULL Creative posting is about the power of prayer. It’s about holding out hope.

This blog is supposed to be about ideas and musings that inspire. But no matter how we try, sometimes life intercedes and we are overcome with fear and sadness. It’s a part of life. So, as I sat down yesterday to write, I couldn’t help but notice that all of the fun things I had lined up to write about didn’t really matter in the face of my own fear and sadness.

One of my daughter’s teachers has gone missing.

According to news reports, Frank has been missing since July 25 near Bison Peak in SE Colorado). His blue Jeep was found Thursday at the Lost Park trailhead after friends reported that he had failed to return from a hike. Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said the search began Thursday night and includes four search teams, including one canine unit.

Yesterday a group of parents joined in the search. Late evening emails suggest that there is more of a Search and Rescue game plan formulating, but still no idea of how this  happened. Teachers reported to school today. Classes begin next week. Everyone is concerned and anxious.

When my daughter returned home from camp yesterday, we told her the news. Ever optimistic, she suggested that Frank, a loner, simply extended his camping stay. But her eyes misted and she, too, knew that this was serious.

It’s my worse nightmare. A missing child. No matter the age, you always worry about their well-being. All I can think about is Mrs. Stanley and her angst.

So, in the spirit of MindFULL Mondays, can we all simply stop for a moment and send a prayer out to Frank; that he is using his Boy Scout skills to stay alive and to his family, that they receive their son back safely. Being inspired isn’t simply about doing something. Its about being something. Compassionate. Caring. Mindful.

Let today be MindFULLY full of recognizing all that you hold dear. And please, let us pray for Frank.

How do you MindFULLY hold out hope? Let us teach each other. Let us know!



2 thoughts on “A Prayer For Frank”

  1. Well done Robin. Isn’t it always on your mind???? Horrific…..

    See you soon, Sabina

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